CDL Quantum

CDL Quantum

What is CDL Quantum?

The Quantum Stream at CDL-Toronto brings together entrepreneurs, investors, scientists in quantum technologies, and quantum technology partners (D-Wave Systems, IBM Q, Rigetti Computing, Xanadu and Zapata Computing) to build ventures in the emerging domain of quantum computing, machine learning, optimization, sensing and other applications of quantum technologies.

Learn from successful alumni founders:

In this webinar, you'll learn about what CDL Quantum offers:

  1. Mentorship from experienced quantum operators
  2. Access to quantum systems from a range of providers, including D-Wave, IBM Q, Rigetti, Xanadu and Zapata Computing
  3. Extensive 4-week bootcamp that includes technical training from hardware providers, business guidance from leading industry professionals and academics, and multi-platform Quantum Hackathon
  4. Technical validation and feedback from leading academics researchers
  5. Guidance on strategy and business development
  6. Opportunities to raise capital from angel investors and top-tier venture capital firms in the CDL network

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